geminiNGM, you name it!

The powerful and multifaceted high-tech grinding machine for countless production challenges. The Fanuc robot with 2- or 4-pallet loader, in combination with the grinding wheel loader with 14 or 25 positions, delivers previously unknown autonomy in lights out operation. Automatic dressing cycles and in-process measurement further expand the independent operation. The high torque of the direct drive grinding spindle motor, with power of up to 24 kW (31 Hp) (S1), guarantees a high degree of stock removal on the workpiece and therefore a highly efficient production process. Custom configured axis drives, linear motors or ball screws with high-resolution measuring systems. Each drive ensures rapid and precise processing and positioning of the machine axes. 210 mm (8") centre height and a large T-slotted table enables customer-specific configuration of clamping systems and workpiece supports. The generous and long machine axes travel facilitate grinding workpieces with lengths of up to 450 mm (17 ¾"), and allow use of grinding wheels with diameters of up to 300 mm (12").

EMO Review 2015

At the beginning of October, Schneeberger was excited to present a number of Latest Global Innovations in tool grinding to the numerous trade show visitors in Milan Italy. These included not only smaller innovations in the fields of accessories and peripherals, but also two completely newly developed tool grinding machines: geminiNGM: High-tech production grinding machine for every complex task, “you name it!” siriusNGS: The ultra-precise machine for high precision engineering. Furthermore, the latest CAD CAM grinding software Qg1 was also presented. Digital definition of the workpiece geometry in geoMod.


Schneeberger is celebrating major sales success in Italy with the new ngc grinding machine. The new compact machine from Switzerland has a lot going for it. Huge flexibility in applications, a high removal rate when grinding from solid, as well as a broad tool spectrum from small to large diameters and lengths all is impressing our Italian customers. Sufficient space is available to grind tools with a length of up to 400 mm. Spiral and brazed profile tools are a speciality of the ngc machine. It is possible to grind carbide taps, hobs and shaper type cutters. Naturally, all standard shaft tools are covered as well. Both carbide and HSS are produced efficiently.


Here are a few testimonials and comments from our Italian customers: Mr Renato Bernardi of ABS Utensili (, located in the province of Treviso, stated: “Numerous different grinding machines from many different manufacturers are in our company. Our range covers the entire tool spectrum for the machining of metal parts. In addition to the production of tools, we also offer tool sharpening services. The volume of business generated here makes us one of the most important suppliers in north east Italy. We are expanding our service spectrum with the purchase of the new ngc from Schneeberger. In particular, key for the decision is the flexibility of the applications and the flexibility of the machine using the integrated wheel changer. The simple and functional operation of the machine makes it possible to attain high levels of productivity.“


Further on in the heart of Tuscany, Mr Gianluca Fantacci from G3 Utensili ( in Siena had the following to say about the latest acquisition from Switzerland: “As a traditional and leading company in producing woodworking tools, our product ranges from planer heads right through to thread taps and multi fluted milling cutters. The short set-up times on the ngc have convinced us that this machine is tailored to our needs. This enables us to switch from the production carbide planing knives to grinding of end mills within a matter of minutes. Impressive here is the simplicity of the equipment set-up, as well as the high precision of the final results. In addition, the integrated tool loader and the wheel changer increase the flexibility of the machine. With the new machine from Schneeberger we have substantially increased our capacity and we are now able to offer our customers significantly faster delivery times. The high quality of the grinding results produced here is equally impressive.


And what does Mr Lapi from CUP ( think about the latest machine in his production department? “We are a specialized company supplying the fashion and gold jewellery industry, which is typical of our region. During the production of usually extremely delicate tools, we require particularly precise machinery with a high degree of repeatability accuracy. We have found these characteristics in the ngc from Schneeberger. Furthermore, it was very easy to integrate the machine into our production and full productivity was achieved after a very short start up time.“


To conclude our brief excursion through Italy we arrive on the slopes of Vesuvius, where we are welcomed by Mr Peppe Battella, proprietor of Utensili Service, Mariglianella, Naples, ( “I particularly like the machine because it is possible to grind long tools of up to 400 mm in length. This has allowed us to expand our service spectrum for our customers. Furthermore, the machine exhibits a high degree of thermal stability and is extremely reliable.“

Burrs – the latest status, with Schneeberger

Today, carbide and HSS burrs are used in numerous applications and are suitable for both, manual and machine use. Depending on their form and design, the little helpers are designed for deburring, edge breaking, weld seam and surface processing of various materials, and are used for example in a production environment, prototype design, specifically in the jewellery industry and dental technology.


The developers at Schneeberger have reworked the software for grinding burrs from ground up to bring meet today’s standards. Starting with version 5.4.6, all forms according to DIN 8032 or ISO 7755 are available for grinding. From a cylinder (form ZYA) and round cone (KEL) right through to a tear drop shape (TRE), sample tools can be called up from the available default database, or independently designed. If necessary, the cross-teeth can be programmed with positive or negative helical angle and the wheel selectively follows a constant lead or constant angle. The face geometry can also be variably configured. Be it grouped together, positive or negative tapered, various types are possible as shown in the figure below. The generation of the geometry and the calculation of the grinding path offer another unique advantage, an un­equalled capability in the world of tool grinding software. Once the user has entered all of the data, a 2D DXF as well as a 3D model, referred to in short as a GeoMod, are generated during the file safe process.


In simple terms, this represents a wire model with shell. The grinding wheel moves along a displayed grinding path, so that any wrong program entries are instantly visible by displaying the actual grinding path on the simulated model. In contrast to the simulated approach, where the grinding wheel is programmed in a certain way according to a preset formula, all in the hope that a good tool is produced, the actual grinding point is constantly monitored by software and rigidly follows the geometries contact point. At the same time, the grinding wheel is automatically positioned in a way that the tooth geometry can be reproduced in a precise as possible manner. This way it is now possible to evaluate whether the grinding wheel geometry used is suitable for the production of the tool, or if the wheel is unsuitable before grinding starts.

New premises for Schneeberger Germany

Our German subsidiary in Weissach near Stuttgart has relocated to new premises. The company‘s move has taken it just 800 m from the old location, Im Neuenbühl 16, to a brand new building. The new company office offers considerably more space and therefore allows for future growth of the company. In the shipping department alone, three times the space is now available compared to before. An optimized warehouse for accessories and spare parts should further improve the service we offer to our customers. An area of 750 m3 guarantees appropriate storage, ready availability and the fastest logistic of parts delivery. The bright and well-equipped Showroom is available to our customers for machine demonstrations as well as operator training. Sufficient space is available for our application engineers and sales staff to provide specialized technical support to our visitors in our comfortable furnished meeting rooms.

Construction project in China

For over one decade now, Nanjing – with its 7.5 million inhabitants – has been home to the head office of our subsidiary in China. Established in 2005 our branch in the district of Jiangning, which today has almost 800,000 inhabitants, at that time we relocated the service centre from Wuhan farther south along the Jangtze. The Jiangning Economic & Technological Development Zone was established in 1992 and has been developing at a very rapid pace since then. Where farmers once planted their vegetables, countless factories are standing there today. Office buildings, hotels, shopping centres, residential areas, schools and universities. Over the past 10 years we have been able to witness the rapid development of this urban area. We have observed how the city‘s metro started to reach out into the suburbs, how the new highway leads right into the centre of town, how a second terminal was added to the international airport and the high-speed trains from across the country arrive in the newly constructed Nan Zhan (South Railway Station). Incidentally, the railway station with the second largest total square footage in the world! And it goes on. The area around Zhuangpai Lu, home to our Chinese company, was once primarily an industrial area, although it has since developed into more of a centre of the new Jiang­ning, with large shopping malls, hotels and residential apartments. Industry is moving to the outskirts of the city. And Schneeberger Nanjing will soon be moving into new premises too. However, there is still much to do. A suitable building will be available shortly. The building is situated approx. 10 km south of the current site on the Shui Ge Road No. 8; it does not harm that 8 is considered a lucky number in China. It is also necessary to tackle the interior fittings of the (doubly lucky) Unit No 8. For our construction project, which is somewhat modest by Chinese standards, we will be working with a small construction company and the work will be accomplished with the help the standard day labour. We are obtaining a number of quotes on the interior design to assure best synergies. Although it is not local custom, we are soliciting proposals from various companies and engineers for the project. However, contrary to one bidders suggestion, we did involve a Feng Shui expert simply because we are not permitted to make any changes to the building code or structure. During the actual construction, the greatest importance is being placed on the quality of the construction materials and equipment used. The type of concrete and brand of paint are being specified in the construction contract as well as the stone slab and the make of the wood boards. However, brand name products are sometimes compromised. This can equally happen with stone slabs from Marco Polo, hardwood flooring from Naturo and toilet bowls from Geberit. It is therefore necessary supervise the purchase of the construction materials in person. After all, it is not our intent to encourage anyone to use counterfeit products in order to improve profit margins. In fact if the intention is – like us – to move ton’s of machinery on the planned demo room ground floor, then the load-bearing capacity of the floor foundation must be tested. It is an un­usual practice to use reinforced concrete, unfortunately the more commonly used practice is to fill the ground with rubble and covered it with a thin layer of concrete. In other words: Everything comes out, pour new concrete and reinforce it right from scratch. The premises will be ready for occupation 1st July 2015. Given the speed demonstrated by China in its development, we have no doubt that the interior build-out will be completed on time.

SCHNEEBERGER VAS filtration system

In April of 2011, our long time customer replaced his older NORMA NC4 with a new ARIES ENP4 to grind the carbide bits used in the Yates American Heavy Duty Double Rough Surfacer. Yates American located in Beloit Wisconsin can be proud of one of the richest histories in wood working machinery. SCHNEEBERGER VAS filtration system Since 1883 Yates American offers planermatchers, double rough-surfacers, end matchers, rip saws, grinders, tooling heads, milled-to-pattern bits, planer knives, and other specialized woodworking tools. The surfacer head design includes the use of interchangeable carbide bits which are prepared and ground at the Beloit facility on the SCHNEEBERGER grinding machines. After brazing, the bits need to be top and face ground, at times removing stock reaching .02” to .04”. The heavy stock removal as well as long grinding cycles presented the problem of carbide collection and contaminated grinding oil. The oil, heavy with black sludge had to be cleaned fast and efficiently, yet without breaking the budget. SCHNEEBERGER offered the new and innovative VAS double vessel system with integrated magnetic separator to complete the turn key installation. The super strong magnetic rods remove the bulk of the contamination, carbide collects around the rods. The filter vessels after 2 years of heavy use show no significant contamination. Since the contaminated coolant pushes from the outside in, some carbide is caking at the very bottom of the lower filter cartridge the upper unit has hardly any contamination. The lower filter cartridge weighs in at 14lbs wet, while a new cartridge is hardly 4 lbs dry. The lower filter is significantly heavier than the one on top indicating that all the carbide was caught in the lower half first. The original filter cartridges where exchanged only for the purpose of this article, no back up pressure has indicated clogged filters. The continues life expectancy could easy be another 2 years of filter use. The enclosed pictures shows the filter cartridge for display and as a testimonial of the effectiveness of the new SCHNEEBERGER VAS filtration system. The VAS system is offered with 1, 2 or 4 filter vessels as well as optional chiller system to maintain coolant temperature.


A long-term, successful partnership.

In 1979, M. Marcel Courteille founded the company SAFREC Alençon. It all started with a manual machine for sharpening tools. Three years later there were already 10 employees working in the 300 m2 large facility. SAFREC grew and grew, from a regional re-sharpening operation into a service operation, active across several regions and in 1989 formed the company AFIMA in Laval. By that time, the workforce has doubled to 20 employees.

Official opening party at the new premises of J. SCHNEEBERGER Service Italia

No dinner jackets or evening gowns but instead a whole lot of fun and sports activities characterised our Italian subsidiary opening party in Affi (VR) this summer. We were delighted to welcome over 200 guests from all over Italy on a fabulous summer’s day at Lake Garda. With over 20 years of presence in Italy, the local team has not only provided their customers with professional support with machinery and services, but also been able to develop a personal and friendly relationship with their business partners. Thanks to this spirit, J.SCHNEEBERGER Service Italia srl were able to organise and host an exceptionally enjoyable opening celebration. On the morning of Saturday the 5th of July, the customers together with family were invited to gather at the company’s new headquarters. A guided bicycle tour and walk through the gentle, beautiful hills of the Garda region was the first activity on the agenda. Divided into «performance groups» hikers,family cyclists and sports enthusiasts, the tour started with the destination of Villa Giuliani. The different groups met up again in the gardens of the 18th century estate for a picnic. Despite arriving under their own steam the happy troop found enough energy for some other sports and games in this marvellous setting. Returning to the company headquarters in the late afternoon, a luxurious buffet awaited the guests, with food and drink along with open air musical entertainment.
In the new 1,500 m2 company building there is plenty of space for production, storage and office areas to meet all J. SCHNEEBERGER Service Italia srl’s activities. Totalling an area of some 6,000 m2, the duties of the Italian subsidiary are not only restricted to provide customer service, but for many years the experienced team of mechanics have been carrying out complete overhauls of used machines. This includes the installation of new filter systems for clean grinding coolant as well as filter overhauls. SCHNEEBERGER Italia also offers standard programming courses or individual customer training. The office building with the generous customer reception area and a well equipped show room for machine demonstrations and grinding tests, merges seamlessly into the bright production hall. Today there are 16 employees working at the company headquarters in Affi. With such a great and local technical competence, combined with the new facilities, SCHNEEBERGER has solidified their strong market position as the leader in Italy. The party also provided the opportunity to present the latest grinding machines from SCHNEEBERGER to the interested audience. The ngc with 7-position automated grinding wheel changer and integrated tool loader which was introduced for the first time at this year’s GrinTec in March. The rigid and powerful machine meets all the requirements of today’s markets perfectly – this according the positive feed-back from our customers. Ngc, the new generation of universal and extremely compact grinding machines. The dynamics and precision of modern drive technology combined and balanced with carefully dimensioned and designed mechanics. A powerful direct drive grinding spindle with internal cooling provides up to 13 kW grinding power. Wheel arbor interface uses HSK50 clamping as well as long generous axis travels for extra long tools. We would like to thank all of our visitors again for coming and making this day such an enjoyable and successful event.


TREKKING & BIKE Tour in Garda Lake Hills

AFFI, Via Monte Baldo 30,  Saturday, 5TH July 2014



10:00 a.m.
Arrival at the new company address J.SCHNEEBERGER ITALIA

Choose of the activity group: trekking or biking Distribution of mountain bikes and backpacks for picnic


11:00 a.m.
Departure of the TREKKING group Easy 5 km-trail through the morainic hills in direction to Lake Garda


11:15 a.m.
Departure of the groups BIKE FAMILY and BYKE EXPERT Trail for 15 km through the morainic hills in direction to Lake Garda


12:30 a.m.
All 3 groups meet at the hilltop ROCCA DI GARDA Picnic on the green


01:30 p.m.
Departure of the group BYKE EXPERT 30 km on cycle tracks and return to the company


03: 00 p.m.
Departure of the groups TREKKING and BIKE FAMILY and return to the company


04:00 p.m.
The groups come together at the company Welcome drink with music


05: 00 p.m.
Special buffet with typical Lake Garda products


08:00 p.m.
Fare well



Instead of activities just join us for the evening

Please bring your own activity sport-clothes and trekking-shoes

After sport activity you have the possibility to take a shower

The TREKKING and BIKE FAMILY tracks are for everyone, also for children

If you like to stay overnight contact us for B&B reservation and for tickets for GARDALAND (game park) for families with children

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